Truflights has been working long and hard to fill in some gaps that we noticed in available hardware for the flight simulation community.

In June we had the opportunity to attend FlightSimCon in Connecticut. We really enjoyed the interaction with all the flight simmers there. We took some of our ideas along to see if we could get any feedback from the flight simulator enthusiasts that were sure to be there. We were very surprised at what we learned. It was a very successful event and we received some amazing input for future product development.

One of these ideas was a series of small control boxes that we had 3-D printed on a whim to place on a desktop and hook into a flight simulator. These control boxes ended up being the focus of everyone’s attention. Everyone we talked with seemed to love the idea of controls that did not dominate the desk area, allowed flexibility and were programmable.

You have spoken and we have listened.


As a result of this input, we are adding a whole new product line to our website…a series of space saving flight control boxes.  TruFlights Inc. has developed a series of Compact Controls that promises to make your flight simulation experience even more enjoyable without ‘breaking the bank’.

We developed an affordable series of sturdy, stand-alone Compact Control boxes in anodized aluminum with switches, knobs and push buttons in various configurations  to simulate cockpit controls.

These controls are housed in sturdy 2 1/2” x 5” x 1” anodized aluminum boxes which can stand alone or be bracket mounted to lift them slightly above the back of your keyboard. Each box has a unique configuration so you can easily customize your control system to meet your needs. From rotary encoders to programmable switches, you can decide how YOU want to fly. And they won’t clutter up your desk.

These Compact Controls are now available for purchase.

So, sit back and enjoy those battles or just a leisurely flight with controls that will enhance your experience, not dominate your space.

Speaking of the blog, it was set up for your convenience. Please feel free to add your quips, quotes and comments as you see fit.  We value your input.  Check out and our Blog for more information.


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