Follow Your Passion!

We heard it on the internet, we read it in books and business coaches were teaching it. It was a statement that kept recurring over and over.

Created late in 2014, Flight Simulator Accessories (a product line of Electronic Design Solutions, Inc.) has been diligently working to provide you, the flight enthusiast, with a family of accessories sure to challenge anything you have ever experienced before.  We are a small, privately-owned company located on the top of a beautiful ridge in Mertztown Pennsylvania and all of our designs are in-house proven prototypes with the main desire to provide quality products to give you years of pleasure.

Brian Gabel loves to fly.  When he can’t fly, he really enjoys this flight simulator.  Ideas about how to make flight simulation a more realistic and enjoyable experience has been his mission for many years now.  Being a product designer by nature, he knew he could convert these ideas to reality so other flight simulation enthusiasts would benefit as well.   This is what he wanted to do.  This is his ‘PASSION’.

He wanted a simulator with a floor mounted joystick that was efficient, easy to use, and have the “feel” he was looking for.  So he proceeded to design that joystick (patent pending) which has now, for the first time, been made available to the public. It became apparent for Brian, with his long, bowed legs, that it would be important for these new foot pedals to be designed  completely adjustable so that no one would feel uncomfortable or awkward using  them. So he designed foot pedals that are adjustable not just front to back, but in and out as well.  Brian is also working on a throttle with control buttons that are easy to access and comfortable to use.

Inspired by controls he made for his train layout at Christmas, now he has developed a series of Compact Control Boxes for flight simulation.

Sometimes flight simulation is not the only activity that happens with your computer.  Life happens and we need our computers to accomplish things like paying bills, writing memos, working to put food on the table, etc.   As much as we enjoy flying, we don’t have room to have our desks dominated by bulky control systems.  That’s why we developed these Compact Control boxes.  They are small enough to sit behind the keyboard and not get in the way of other work, but they are complex enough to really enhance our flight experience.  They can be customized to meet various needs, placed conveniently on top or under your desk and can be programmed to meet your control needs.

So, once again, sit back and enjoy flying the way it was originally meant.  And when you’re done, go back to work without worrying about trying to find the space you need.

Flight Simulator Accessories first product, (now available for purchase), is the floor mounted joystick (patent pending) with replaceable grips. It is comfortable to fly and will give the pilot a realistic feel as battles are fought and missions are accomplished.

So, sit back and enjoy flying your plane the way it was originally meant to be flown. We welcome your input as we move forward with the design of future products so please provide your own flight simulator experience feedback via our Contact Page.

Problem Solvers

Flight Simulator Accessories’ first product, now available for purchase, is a floor mounted joystick (patent pending) with replaceable grips that is comfortable to fly and will give the pilot a realistic feel as battles are fought and missions are accomplished.


Forward Thinking

Flight Simulator Accessories’ next product is adjustable foot pedals not just front to back but in and out as well and a throttle that has buttons that are easy to access and comfortable to use.

Flight Simulator Games

IL-2 Sturmovik:Battle of Stalingrad, Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China, 1942: The Pacific Air War, Pe-2: Dive Bomber, Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders, BOMB: Who let the dogfight?, WarBirds Dawn of Aces, World War I Air Combat. These are just a few of


Customer Support

Don’t be afraid to provide feedback via our Contact Page.  We welcome your input as we move forward with the design of future products.



Owner, Inventor

For over 30 years, Brian Gabel has been designing products for many industries, from cabinets that monitor and control the flow of toxic gases, control systems for coolers in supermarkets, complete monitoring and control switches for high end bus conversions, to a beer tap that provides keg monitoring and measured pours automatically, and many other items too numerous to list.

Brian Gabel holds 11 patents for some of the various products he has designed.

It was time to finally design something that “Brian” felt passionate about, something he had thought about designing for over 35 years but had never allowed himself the time to pursue. He wanted to fly his simulator with a floor mounted joystick that was not only efficient and easy to use, but one with a “realistic feel”. He knew he could achieve this “feel” with foot pedals that not only adjust just from front to back, but in and out as well. Add a throttle with an easily accessible array of mounted buttons that are comfortably intuitive and simple to use, and we’ve got a winner!

Brian is a perfectionist and is fanatical about making sure his designs are robust and will exceed normal expectations.



Owner, Manager

For the past 26 years, Susan Gabel, CEO, CFO, President, Sales, Research Director and Office Manager, handles all non-technical chores necessary to make a business run successfully. The part detested by most engineers.

Just one more reason Susan & Brian make an excellent team (and have a lot of fun together as well).

Susan says she’s really enjoys connecting with the flight sim community as the enthusiasts she has met so far have been a real delight.