TruFlights Compact General Input Box Model 105A


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TruFlights has designed a series of Compact Controls to expand your flight simulation experience without cluttering up your desk.   Each control is free standing, can be mounted with screws through the integrated foot, or on the optional mounting kit which allows the controls to easily fit behind your computer keyboard.   The mounting kit also places the controls at a more ergonomic angle.  Each control has an anodized aluminum housing that measures 2 ¾” x 5” x 1” deep.

The switches in each control are assignable to give the pilot more flexibility.

These Compact Controls were designed to enhance your flight experience, save you space and keep your budget intact.

TruFlights Inc. introduces the new TruFlights Compact General Input Box Model 105A. This Compact Control provides primary input controls for dual navigation radio.

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Compact General Input Box Model 105A


Flight Control System
System Requirements:
USB 2.0 Port
Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32- and 64-bit)



This series of compact USB input devices is designed to give the maximum input functionality in a case small enough to avoid cluttering your desktop.

This Compact Control includes two dual nested rotary encoders with pushbutton and ten push buttons all of which are individually assignable.

Footprint:2 ¾” x 5” x 1” deep

Anodized Aluminum Shell

Can be mounted with screws through the integrated foot. Optional brackets available to permit ergonomic desktop mounting behind a keyboard.

    Technical Files


Package Contents

Package Contents
Compact General Input Box Model 105A


 Limited Warranty period (electronics):        1 Year
Limited Warranty period (parts) with RMA:  1 Year
Limited Warranty period (labor) with RMA:  1 Year

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Manufacturer Contact Info:

TruFlights Inc., 24 Highview Lane, Mertztown, PA  19539
Support Phone:  (610) 682-9764
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Q.  Is our product compatible with Windows 8.1
A.  Since TruFlights makes products that comply with the standard USB 2.0 definitions, they work with all versions of windows after Windows XP.



Q.  Is there an adapter to connect with a USB port?
A.  Every joystick comes with a USB 2.0 cable so no adapter is required.

Q.  Can our floor mounted joystick be repaired?
A.  Though we design our components to not require repair under normal use, in most cases repairs can be made.

Q.  Is there a warranty on the units?
A.  There is a one year limited warranty on each unit.

Q.  Can a custom grip be adapted to the joystick?
A.   Most grips can be adapted to the TruFlights joystick base system. Adapter kits will be available.

Q.  Is the information about the joystick grip connector available?
A.  The grip connector information will be made available on our website.


• Robust construction so that our customers have the durability needed for a product to last.
• Thoughtful design so that flying is a much more comfortable experience avoiding cramping.
• Open source information so that the customer can add their own innovative ideas.
• Warranty so that the customer is assured that they have a quality product.
• Customer support and interactive website will assure the customer has somewhere to find answers if needed.
• Made in America assures the American customer that his kids and grand-kids will have jobs in the future.
• More immersive due to ability to buy aircraft specific grips
• Hall Effect vs. mechanical has higher reliability components
• Rudder Pedal will be adjustable
• Higher functionality than anything on the current market

Compact General Input Box Model 105A

The Compact General Input Box Model 105A will make your flight more enjoyable, and will more closely simulate the experience of flying various types of planes. The Compact Input Box is a reliable, realistic yet affordable flight simulator accessory.

Key Elements

The Compact General Input Box Model 105A were designed to enhance your flight experience, save you space and keep the budget intact.

Target Audience

The Compact General Input Box Model 105A has been designed with the possibility to be used on all flight simulator games, making all flight simulator experiences more enjoyable.


The Compact General Input Box Model 105A is here to stay, and you can rest easy knowing that our team will be updating and improving it for years to come. Build on top of a powerful foundation.